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You can help to improve the lives of disabled young people; either through a one-off donation, regular giving or by joining your voice with ours.

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It is hardly news for anyone that disabled people continue to comprise the poorest and worst-served group in the world.

Clearly, the greater the level of general poverty in any community the worse the conditions are for the disabled people who live there. Or to put it another way; disabled people in the poorest communities are the most disadvantaged people on our planet.

Disability Africa came into being (see About Us) to improve outcomes for disabled young people, especially those in Africa. We have adopted the 9 Recommendations of the World Health Organisation's "World Report on Disability"
published in July 2011. See a copy here. This report highlights the high numbers of disabled people in the world and the barriers in society that exacerbate the effects of their impairments.

It also identifies a number of key action points which we have used as the framework for our template for action.

We believe that the desperate inequalities that exist for disabled people are uncivilised and preventable. To address these inequalities improves all of us who take part.

We invite you to be part of that effort.

Our new Patron

Disability Africa are proud to welcome our new Patron Damon Hill OBE

Disabled young people all over the world face unfair inequality of opportunities,
but in parts of Africa conditions can be unimaginably hard.

I believe we have an obligation to help if we can.

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